Melbourne Writers Festival 2014 is here

August 22, 2014



The Melbourne Writers Festival Hub this is Optic Kitchen and Bar at Federation Square. As of today it’s decked out in MWF 2014’s gorgeous vibrant-without-jarring yellow banners and flags and posters and custom cut booth covers. Kudos to whoever came up with the booth covers. They look awesome. I’ve spent a lot of time at […]

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July 8, 2014



A few weeks ago I tweeted a link to an old blog post of mine, the one about the after effects of having been physically assaulted several years ago. I broadcast it again, over a year after I first wrote it, because of the #YesAllWomen campaign which happened in response to a mass shooting in the USA that was motivated by the killer’s hatred of women.

Introducing Scribble Creative

May 12, 2014



The other day I started a business. I now have an event management consultancy called Scribble Creative.

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Friday News Picks

March 21, 2014


Newsstand NYPL no known restrictions

Until a couple of years ago, each Friday I posted links about news items from the week. People told me they missed them so I'm starting up again.

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Such a fuss

March 11, 2014



Perusing random bits and pieces of philosophical writings, it’s pretty clear that as a group, we humans take ourselves far too seriously.

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On the one hand

March 10, 2014


talking thumbnail

'Because,' she said, 'on the one hand, he's this person I had a relationship with.

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Pop Culture Synchronicity

March 7, 2014



During the last couple of years of high school, the TV schedule got me through each week I had to face it. Wednesday was my favourite.

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