Crowdsourcing website development

Posted on 13 May 2010


Also known as laziness.

When I stopped freelancing, my website at, which had been an online brochure for my corporate writing services, became a blog. I never posted there very much, maybe once every three months or so.

I was never interested in turning it into a diary style blog or public confessional–even though I like reading those types of blogs. I wanted it to be full of super insightful pieces about my unique take on the world, like my friends Rachel and Lisa and a whole bunch of others who are professional bloggers. Even though they probably think it’s funny that I call them that.

Unfortunately I’m friends with lots of ridiculously clever people who I admire greatly and who are clever in areas that I think are awesomely interesting. I constantly fall into the trap of trying to be just like them and forgetting that I should be just like me and post about stuff I’m interested in. My ridiculously intelligent friend and über geek Jaymis says that’s what blogging is for.

Now I’m trying to work out how to rejig my website. These are the things that I want it
to do:

  • promote me as a freelance corporate communications professional
  • give updates on my progress in creative writing
  • be a blog where I post about things that I’m interested in.

So all you smart people out there: I want your ideas on how I should structure this thing, what sort of information I should put on it, how I make it interesting, and anything else you feel like telling me. Click the ‘leave a comment’ link and advise away.

You may have noticed I also need a title.