Wallowing in delicious surreality

Posted on 12 August 2010


Image by me

It has been a season of endings which, as always, are also beginnings.

The one that’s on my mind at the moment, seeing as I’m in The Edge office and supposed to be working, is all the changes around this place.

Not only am I leaving The Edge this week after nine months of madness and awesomeness, but we (The Edge team) are in the throes of closing out the first lot of Catalysts and recruiting for the next, some Residencies are finishing and others are just gearing up, and the project team is planning for the next three years of operation.

Even though they were only here for a day a week each, to have six super cool people suddenly disappear from day-to-day interaction is unsettling.

To care so much about the future of a project I only have another 13 official hours on is weird.

To suddenly be the single parent of a cat who is used to living with five people is strange and guilt-enducing.

To have to shop for all the household basics at once is mind-bending, especially when you come home with ingredients for a delicious dinner and then realise you have no pots and pans.

To have walked away from a four and a half year relationship and be so happy already is totally bizarre.

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