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Posted on 21 September 2010


Whenever I’m looking at business or marketing planning or writing any kind of management plan, I start to apply the principles of those kinds of documents to my life.

So this afternoon when I started reading through the long term planning documentation of my new company, guess what happened?

First, I articulated some goals, beginning with an overarching theme:

Balance my life

Balance has been an issue of mine for a while. I used to blame it on the fact that there were very few activities at my school that interested me so even if I said yes to everything that struck my fancy I was never very busy. Then when I finished school and moved to the big smoke/grew up I very quickly found myself up to my eyeballs in classes and clubs and amateur theatre and no clue how to manage it all.

My specific goals come under this heading and are stuff like:

Stay fit and healthy

Enjoy my day job

Maintain positive relationships with my people



Explore new areas of work that I enjoy (social media marketing, writing)

Meet interesting new people

Learn stuff


The next step is action plans on how to reach each. That’s the day-to-day stuff like:

Walk to and from work

Read the news



Keep an eye on Twitter

Find new novels and books to read

Enrol in French classes

Save money

Do random arts projects as they pop up

Those are the ones I’m doing already. The ones I want to do more of include:

Catch up with friends and family more often

Write stories— fiction and creative non-fiction

Go to the Brisbane social media catch up on Friday mornings

Get enough sleep

Spend more time at home alone not watching TV

That last one is the biggest challenge.

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