EP launch: Katie Wighton’s What You Do

Posted on 23 September 2010


The first time I saw Katie Wighton play was at Green Jam early this year. The cultural precinct orgs really jive off live music in summer and Green Jam is QPAC’s iteration. I went along because I worked with Katie at The Edge and went along to support her. She was one of the Visitor Services Officers who all have creative careers going on.

So off I went after work expecting to like it because I liked Katie. It’s always fun to see people you know up on stage having a good time.

I did not expect was to be blown away like I was. She’s a confident performer with a powerful voice. Her poppy-jazz-jazzy-pop was perfectly suited to chilling on a Friday.

Katie’s just released her first EP. It launched last night at the Troubadour, my favourite venue in the valley, probably my favourite live music venue ever.

She was supported by Claire Whiting, local singer-songwriter with a bell-like voice and a band made up of cello chick, double base guy, piano/piano accordion guy, and Claire singing and lead guitaring. Oh the cello. Sigh. (That was a good sigh.)

The other support band was a bunch of talented hipsters; from the teeny tiny violinist to the guy with the afro undercut thing. They stepped in when another band pulled out and they were ridiculously rehearsed and super fun. I can’t remember their name though. Sorry guys. I’ll come back and edit later.

Katie played tracks from her EP in her grown up fairytale sweetness outfit and charmed the whole place with quirky tunes and silly jokes.

You can listen to her on Myspace and get her EP from shops. Tell them I sent you. You won’t get anything because I sent you but I like my name being bandied about. Makes me feel all special.

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