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News picks of the week

October 29, 2010


  Here are some news items I found interesting this week. Click on the links for the full stories if you think you might find them interesting too. Two million Australians are living in poverty, with the number of ‘working poor’ growing rapidly, according to new research commissioned by the Salvation Army. About half of […]

Help New Matilda stay alive

October 26, 2010


New Matilda is an independent, online only news source. It covers things the mainstream media often doesn’t and covers the big issues and topics of the day or week from angles you wouldn’t read or hear about elsewhere. As its website says: Believing that robust media is fundamental to a healthy democracy, is fiercely independent […]

More event blogging coming up

October 12, 2010


  In mid-November, I’ll be doing another event blogging project, this time for Tipping Point in Brisbane. It’s a two-day, invitation-only forum for artists, scientists and thinkers to explore ways to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change, and it’s being hosted by my old workplace, The Edge. This event blogging is pretty interesting. While I […]

I need a whiteboard

October 7, 2010


There is so much going on. I need to write it down and colour code it to make sense of it all. This is quite fun really.

On the importance of unsettlement

October 1, 2010


I’m on my way to my eighth This Is Not Art. That’s right: eighth. I’m getting old. I like it. TINA  is my annual renewal, a sabbatical, a retreat. It is also an onslaught to my ideas, sensibilities, and sense of identity. It’s the only place I still get shocked by artists. It’s refreshing, like […]