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Posted on 29 October 2010



Here are some news items I found interesting this week. Click on the links for the full stories if you think you might find them interesting too.

Two million Australians are living in poverty, with the number of ‘working poor’ growing rapidly, according to new research commissioned by the Salvation Army. About half of the country’s low-income households reported cash-flow problems, and more than a quarter needed to increase credit card debt or borrow money from friends and family to stay afloat.

American Fascism: An extremely partisan yet interesting opinion piece from the USA about the assault of a woman by a group of fanatical conservatives. “The assault of an unarmed woman because of her political views is not only a felonious act of physical violence, it is an act of political violence meant to intimidate others like her from expressing their similar views.”

A piece on the ABC by barrister and a director of the Australian Lawyers Alliance Greg Barns on the counter-productiveness of Australia’s juvenile detention system with some tips for solutions from Missouri.

The end of public university in England. I hope this doesn’t mean Australian universities will one day be fully privatised.

Scientific study that says having a sister makes you happier. Must be why I’m so ecstatic seeing as I have three.

The US had a horrific spate of teenagers killing themselves after being victimized for being (or being perceived to be) gay. There were 5 suicides in September alone. A movement called It Gets Better was started on YouTube by a sex columnist named Dan Savage. The success of the movement has been amazing.

And an insight into how China’s censor machine works.

Happy weekends everyone!

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