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Posted on 12 November 2010


Um. Oops? Google Maps mishap leads to Nicaragua inadvertently invading Costa Rica. Maybe they should have cross-referenced with another source as well.

A homeless youth initiative in Cairns seems to be doing some good stuff:

Bridges, a program run primarily by youth services YETI and Youth Link, has placed eleven homeless people under the age of 25 in accomodation in Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands.

The program then provides support to ensure youths can keep their homes, providing basic life skills training and helps deal with pre-existing issues, such as substance abuse and mental health issues.

Rent is fixed at 1/4 of the person’s income.

Three minute caricatures dominate mainstream media coverage of the Middle East but online media tools are showing the human faces of nations and conflicts as reported by New Matilda.

News from NASA’s Earth Observatory about climate change.

A sweet, interesting article about the people who knew Barack Obama when he was a ratty kid named Barry who lived in Indonesia.

The guy who ordered troops to open fire on unarmed students in Tiananmen Square in 1989 has been awarded the World Harmony Award in honor of his unspecified contributions to world peace, according to a report in Chinese state media. The World Harmony Award is bestowed by the World Harmony Foundation, a private charity headed by Chinese businessman Frank Liu. Not sure China’s definition of ‘harmony’ and ‘peace’ are the same as mine. Although I bet the students were quieter once they were dead. Here’s a more extensive article about it.

Journalist, writer, genius (disclosure: and a darling friend of mine) explains her thoughts on meritocracy:

…one of the forms of privilege I find most fascinating (and insidious) is a person’s sense of the possibilities available to them.

An interesting take on the USA’s approach to war and why they feel the need to do it so often. Includes insights such as:

For Americans war is a necessity for our moral well being. Which means it is by no means clear what it would mean for Americans to have a realistic understanding of war.


…the Civil War began as a limited war but ended as total war… the language of total war did not exist at the time of the Civil War, but… by 1864 the spirit of total war emerged and “prepared Americans for the even more devastating total wars they would pursue in the twentieth century.”

Satirist Ben Pobjie’s intro to the upcoming Victorian election is hilarious as usual. See:

Demonstrating unmitigated cheek and reckless disregard for democratic principles, the Greens have in this election decided to run candidates in seats, even when there is CLEARLY a Government MP already there, and have compounded the insult to decency by asking people to actually vote for them. What happened to the loveable, cuddly Greens of yesteryear I shall never know.

A guy got stuck in a train for five and a half hours in Sydney the other day. In a tunnel with no emergency communications working. Here’s the ABC’s article on it, and here’s the email he wrote to his workplace while he was stuck there. Of course it couldn’t get sent until the train moved out of the tunnel. It’s freaking hilarious.

There’s an iPad app that turns your iPad into a violin. Apparently it works too. Awesome.

And the video in this post is a mega super awesome hilarious tampon ad called And on the third day of my period I just want to dance. Not strictly news, but still worth mentioning, I think.

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