Tipping Point 05: Open Space Workshop Part 1

Posted on 13 November 2010


After lunch on Friday, an open space workshop started. I’d never heard of the format before. First of all, the group identifies topics for discussion and then splits into smaller groups for parallel meetings on each of the chosen topics.

The conference MC Dick Robertson asked people to suggest topics that they felt personally connected to and able to take some responsibility for the topic as a discussion leader. People wrote down ideas on paper then presented them to the group. Some of them were:

  • (sexy) education for climate change
  • impacts that climate change will bring/is bringing
  • what i can do to enhance my relationship to gaia
  • can you identify factors/events that led to you becoming ecologically active
  • what is one individual action that can trigger a positive global epidemic
  • indigenous knowledge and its relevance and impact – what’s the relevance of cultural heritage, where have people come from to get to be active
  • the future beyond cities, we used to be nomadic, is the idea of living in cities/fixed locations
  • art driven by technology as a global tool for change
  • considering human nature, can we really work together to save ourselves
  • are all the words written about climate change getting us closer to action
  • political will: we expect govts to act but becoming evident that the democratically elected govts around the world are not very powerful, very susceptible to other entities that are more powerful than they are.
  • climate change and limits to growth
  • how can we make being environmentally friendly possible/easier for low socioeconomic families with little disposable income
  • how can we maintain the strength of the economy while reducing its dependence on oil and gas
  • desire vs needs
  • creating ethical online media platform to advocate for community custodianship.
  • who is speaking for us? (The person whose topic this was pointed out that there weren’t many brown faces among the conference delegates)

The next step was a discussion of all the topics raised and organising them into groups of related topics. Then off everyone went into groups to work through the ideas before reconvening today. More on that later…

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