Tipping Point 08: Oh yeah, that’s right

Posted on 15 November 2010



There was a mini-project within the conference that I haven’t mentioned yet. On the Friday, MC Dick got the delegates to split into groups of five or so to work on a creative project exploring some aspect of climate change. Over the two days, the groups got together during break times to formulate their projects. Last thing on Saturday, they were presented to the group.

There were a range of responses: projections, a lot poetry, fables, word montages, collage, a collection of tweets (including one of mine!), allegories, collections of aphorisms, performance, and a bill of rights for the environment—a piece of emotional legislation.

They were all full of powerful imagery: an owl circling with nowhere to perch; past, present, and future personified; a picture of the planet sporting the rude indentation of a boot print.

These outputs are to be the starting points of action, particular projects and initiatives. After the presentations, the group dispersed for a quick mingle and chat about the ideas and what each person’s next step would be.

And then it was off to drinks.

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