This week’s news picks

Posted on 19 November 2010


It’s a bit of a lean news week this week because I’ve been pretty sick. Here are a couple of things that caught my eye though:

Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming up to make a film of The Great Gatsby.

The Beatles’ back catalogue was finally added to iTunes.

Law Society thinks that those ridiculous hoon laws should be dismantled and here’s why.

“Bosses should tolerate their employees shopping, checking their Facebook status or instant messaging during work time because they more than make up for it at home…” an experty type said this week.

I found out that wherever the US President goes, a doctor, nurse and paramedic go as well. Pressure anyone?

And still on the health system theme, people are starting to look at strategies for respecting Islamic medical ethics from within health systems based on Christian ethics like Australia, Canada and the USA.

Steve Martin has written a novel about Manhattan’s art world. It draws upon his decades of experience as an art collector in New York City. He seems to be a bit of a Renaissance man.

Photographs depicting life under apartheid are being shown in South Africa for the first time. They are by a photographer named Ernest Cole who left South Africa for the relative freedom of New York City. This article about him is from a Soweto newspaper.

Margaret from the Movie Show or whatever it’s called now did a speech for some film industry types about how low ticket sales don’t automatically equal bad movies.

And just like a mainstream news bulletin, here’s the cutesy story to finish off with: a Dachshund is fostering a PIGLET!

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