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Posted on 26 November 2010


Here’s the bits and pieces of the internet that kept me entertained and interested and thinking this week. Hope you enjoy.

The first installment in a three-part series on 2010 in Australian Federal politics talks about how

Australia’s two-party system is over, perhaps forever. Instead, we’ve got a two-and-a-half party system.

A clever, funny blog post taking apart some arguments against gay marriage.

More on marriage and my friend Rachel’s musings on the topic and her issues with how people have been doing weddings in recent years.

Evidence that Israel is a pretty scary excuse for a country.

The Australian mainstream media being its usual pathetic self when it comes to reporting on young people. Or anything really.

Two of Sarah Palin’s kids fail spectacularly to cope with life in the spotlight even though they have never been out of it.

Apparently the Obama administration continues the Bush administration’s assassination campaign in Pakistan, one of the USA’s allies, killing civilians.

ABC radio reported that new study of the experiences of young gay people shows they’re experiencing increasing levels of homophobic abuse and violence.

Dublin’s independent arts scene seems to be the city’s saving grace in strikingly crap economic times.

Victorian Opera has an Australian opera coming out called The Cockatoos. Made me chuckle.

The importance of abortion law reform from a doctor’s perspective at GetUp.

The Koreas are killing each other’s people as I’m sure you’ve all heard.

Some amazing good news from the South Pacific atoll of Atafu, one of three that comprises the tiny Tokelau island group where 1,500 people live: three kids have been found after 50 days lost at sea and after their memorial service!!

An article from the Paris Review about the origins of blogging and other forms of personal essays a handful of centuries ago:

There seems no end to the appeal of the essayist’s basic idea: that you can write spontaneously and ramblingly about yourself and your interests, and that the world will love you for it.

And there has been a bit of a kerfuffle in the comments of one of my TippingPoint posts which has been super fun. Plus, check out what it’s done for my stats:


Top image credit: Chris Willis under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence

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