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Posted on 13 December 2010


Wikileaks has been all over the news so I thought I’d get in on the action. Here’s a collection of links to articles and posts and sites that, I think, each add a layer to the whole issue.

On New Matilda today, Ben Eltham writes about what Wikileaks reveals about the state of the world’s democracies, and reminds us that the internet

began life as a communications and data-sharing technology, and the open network architecture of that initial design philosophy continues to affect the way the internet works today.

Also on New Matilda (go donate right now so they can keep giving us insightful commentary), Colin Jacobs explores how the debate around information freedom will never be the same again.

Wikileaks shows how many duplicates of itself there are around the world so it can’t be shut down.

A characteristically inflammatory and inaccurate report from Fox News.

On ABC’s The Drum news site, Mark Pesce discusses that of much of what is angering the politicians who have featured in leaks so far is merely embarrassing and trivial rather than life-threatening as they claim.

And here are a few of the discussions of the reactions to the rape cases brought against Wikileaks frontman Julian Assange:

How Sweden might be a better place for Assange to defend himself than Britain;

That “…the defence of Assange has spawned such naked and vitriolic misogyny should be of concern to all women and men who find it as distasteful and counter to the pursuit of truth as the attacks on WikiLeaks itself.”

What people’s reactions to the charges say about them.

A perspective on the Australian Government’s reaction to the leaked documents and what it says about the state of freedom of speech in this country.

Excellent satire from the masterful Ben Pobjie and why Assange should shut the hell up for the good of everyone.

To finish off with, something to keep you busy for the afternoon: a new site popped up in the last couple of weeks: sowhyiswikileaksagoodthingagain.com. Working the same way whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com does, every time you refresh the page, you get a reason why Wikileaks is a positive thing.

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