Friday News Picks

Posted on 24 December 2010


It’s a bumper issue this week—my contribution to your holiday reading and relaxing.

Writers in prison: when having an opinion becomes a crime.

A study on Echinacea says it doesn’t help common colds. I thought it was for infections?

This cracked me up and taught me a few things too: 5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam.

In advertising, celebrities are no longer as cool as cool ideas. Power to the people!

Iran has jailed a leading filmmaker for the next six years.

Footballers continue to out themselves as morons.

Important technical advances this year included monkeys riding on the backs of pigs, third waves, and self-driving cars.

Former Mexican presidential candidate Diego Fernandez de Cevallos was freed on Monday more than seven months after his kidnapping. How’s this for a quote: “As far as the kidnappers are concerned, as a man of faith I have forgiven (them). As a citizen, I think that the authorities have some work to do.”

A US university soccer coach (probably) fired for being gay. Is anyone surprised?

Why every economic refugee we exclude makes Australia ever so slightly poorer.

Yeah. What she said. “But women don’t rape!”: sexual pressure, rejection and the male sex drive discourse. One of my favourite Rachel posts from this year.

British Police Arrest 12 Terror Suspects.

And check out the awesome animation Google has released to explain what Google docs is and what it can do.

Suicide dashes to the hospital are on the rise at American universities where ‘national surveys show that nearly half of the students who visit counseling centers are coping with serious mental illness, more than double the rate a decade ago.’

Iraq has a new government. Here’s a handy guide to the mix of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds it’s made of.

Do the Republicans want the US economy to fail?

CareerOne has released an iPhone app and MyCareer has integrated LinkedIn elements. Go social media bandwagon!

Ah, the land of the free turning blind eyes to torture. Again.

Australian business is blokey and conservative and embarrassingly behind the times on the world stage. For example, 5% of board directors are female and 40% of male directors are unknown and untested in the marketplace, ie they are not and have never been chief executives.

A good news story about an independent media outlet managing to stay afloat to provide an alternate point of view to the mainstream media – at least for the next year.

More good news: Obama signals his opposition to gay marriage is ‘evolving’.

And a word from crazy net artist person Jason Nelson: a game that helps you generate your very own Christmas disaster scenario. Click the red button on the right for your very own surreal horror story for the holidays.

Happy holidays everyone.

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