Friday News Picks

Posted on 7 January 2011


Apparently Americans use Stumbleupon more than Facebook.

The governor of Punjab province in Pakistan was shot and killed by one of his police guards. Good grief.

A Catholic priest in Gympie, Queensland misjudged his congregation and royally pissed them off by preaching against same-sex marriage in his Christmas sermon.

Kanye West has gone extra-misogynistic lately.

Restaurants in North America have started uploading menus on iPads. That was pretty quick.

A hospital pulled out of a charity photography exhibition because one of the pieces featured an eight-year-old boy with no shirt on. Makes me wonder about the decision makers at the hospital more than anything else.

Japan is talking with South Korea about closer ties between the two countries.

Gerry Harvey of Harvey Norman said some stupid stuff and then everyone talked about how stupid it was.

The TV industry continues to try to put TV and the internet together.

Microsoft continues to misunderstand how technology works best.

Why social media isn’t a fad or a bubble like the other tech revolutions that have come before it.

Wow. Firefox ousts Internet Explorer as Number 1 Browser in Europe.

A pair of twins was born either side of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Australian author Ruth Park passed away recently and Penguin publishing director Bob Sessions recalls the publishing life of his friend and mentor.

And finally: a woman in Chicago called the police to force her boyfriend to propose. Um…

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