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Posted on 21 January 2011


A post about The Power of Storytelling from a new blog I discovered via Twitter.

This article calls alcohol at music festivals ‘Australia’s most expensive drug’.

It’s been revealed that the study that started the autism-is-caused-by-immunisation panic was based on doctored information.

The Obama Administration has released a report on the election promises it has kept over the last two years.

There’s been an outbreak of foot and mouth disease among South Korean pigs. They’re dealing with it by burying affected animals alive.

Ted Williams, A homeless man in Columbus, Ohio, USA with a beautifully trained radio voice became an internet celebrity, got tons of voice-over jobs, and was offered a job and a house by the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Not sure what I think about whether we should list brothels on the stock exchange, but this guy is pretty clear.

A friend I used to work with has started a new social enterprise crowd funding project.

After a Coptic Christian church was bombed in Alexandria, Egypt on New Year’s Day, Muslims formed a human shield to protect people going to mass on Christmas Day (they celebrate it after New Year) from further attacks.

An expert said that more dams won’t help flooding. Even though modelling shows that the Traveston Dam would have stopped Gympie from flooding.

New Nazi files have revealed that right before it invaded the USSR, the administration went nuts over a dog in Finland that had been trained to mock the heil salute.

A new reality show in the USA tries to trap car thieves. It seems it’s actually creating thieves and spending the state’s money on pointless trials.

Someone is making a movie of the 1980s soap opera Dynasty.

The Tunisian uprising over unemployment, food prices, living conditions, freedom of speech, and corruption continues.

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