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Posted on 28 January 2011


10 reasons why your novel won’t get published. Makes me laugh (and cringe) every time.

Wikileaks has released emails, meeting minutes, reports and other documents on the Israel-Palestine war and the USA’s involvement. Here’s a guide to what’s going on.

The Tunisian government hacked into its citizens’ Facebook accounts and stole their passwords. Facebook responded beautifully.

A suicide bomb at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow killed 35 people. Inquiries and touching stories have followed.

25 rules for journalists including some that go for writers of everything everywhere such as this reminder:

Moses did not say to Pharaoh: “The consequence of non-release of one particular subject ethnic population could result ultimately in some kind of algal manifestation in the main river basin, with unforeseen outcomes for flora and fauna, not excluding consumer services.” He said “the waters which are in the river … shall be turned to blood, and the fish that is in the river shall die, and the river shall stink.”

An exploration of American political assassins prompted by the shooting in Tucson a couple of weeks ago.

A Drs Joe Allen and Claudia Worrell Allen, a husband and wife team, have published a book called Escaping the Endless Adolescence. At first I thought would be more lame generationalism but turns out to be much more thoughtful and insightful and about actual teenagers rather than adults who don’t behave in accepted ways. Here’s an article discussing it.

There’s a huge legal case happening in Canada about whether its ban on polygamy violates its Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. Lots of interesting info is coming out of testimonies from a fundamentalist Mormon community in British Columbia.

Things continue to be pretty touch and go in Tunisia.

Poverty played a part in the deaths of 21 Canadian children before they turned two in 2009.

In Uganda a gay rights activist was murdered.

Children whose mothers had gestational diabetes with them are at a higher risk of being overweight.

Flying robots invented in Perth will help to fight fires in Victoria.

Apparently Australia’s people smuggling taskforce isn’t doing a very good job.

The debate on the flood levy rages on.

And, lastly, we should all buy more local wine because our wineries are feeling some pain from our high dollar.

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