Good-bye beautiful apartment

Posted on 31 January 2011


One of the things about Brisbane that I’ll be sad to leave is my flat in West End. I’ve put a lot of thought and work into furnishing and decorating it and I love it. It is the tiniest apartment I’ve ever seen: just four rooms, no frills.

A short entry way opens into a lounge room just big enough for a two and a half seater couch, a bookshelf, a wine rack that holds four dozen bottles, and a small table. The kitchen adjoins but is definitely separate, has a fridge, stove and oven, and a good amount of bench space. The other half of the apartment is a bedroom which fits a Queen size bed, a bookshelf and a blanket box, and has two built-in cupboards; plus a bathroom with no bathtub but room for a washing machine if I had one.

The walls are a pleasant shade of yellow. The ceilings are high and the windows large and on two opposite sides of the flat. It doesn’t have that shoebox feel to it that one bedroom places often do. I think it’s because there are a couple of interesting little nooks and corners. It feels like a home.

The one thing it lacks is storage space. Although that has turned out to be a positive as well because I had a really good time in my first couple of months here coming up with creative ideas to make sure I had everything I need and that it fits neatly. For example, because the ceilings are high and I’m not, I need a step ladder. I made sure I got one that folded flat so I could store it behind the wine rack.

My ironing board is about a metre long and hangs in a hook in a cupboard with my winter coats.

Instead of a bulky vacuum cleaner, I got a vacuuming robot. (Also, having a robot is awesome.)

My dining table is 45 centimetres wide. It sits in the teeny lounge room and doesn’t eat into the space of the room. Four people can comfortably eat together and it also doubles as my desk when my spine lets me know I’ve worked on the couch for long enough. For chairs I have four wooden squares things that can be chairs or coffee tables and that slide completely under the table when they’re not being used. I’m especially proud of their space saving abilities.

The couch is also a sofabed for out of towners/drinking buddies/sisters who live far away from their place of work. I have heaps of cushions which can be sat on, on the floor or on the chair/coffee table things. There’s a cream shag pile rug that I love.

My bike and Stuart the cat’s food bowls sit in the entry way.

Everything matches. Everything fits. Everything has a purpose, if not two. There is nothing superfluous. It is very comfortable and I feel like I have enough luxuries.

Rent is expensive but I spend hardly anything on transport because I can walk most places. Within 100 meters of my letterbox there are two general stores, a pharmacy, a GP, a dentist, and at least ten restaurants.

I’m going to miss having a place all to myself, especially since it’s set up exactly the way I like it. I may not ever have that again.

There are so many things I’m looking forward to with this big move, but there are lots of things to say good-bye to as well.

PS my apartment is for rent, available Monday 7 February 2011.

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