Friday News Picks

Posted on 4 February 2011


Today is my last day in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne, but that’s no excuse to let the news picks slide! So here they are. Enjoy.

Russia and the USA have just signed a new nuclear arms treaty called START. The process started almost a year ago. Politics is slow.

I found out that there is an actual International Criminal Court. Not really ‘news’, but news to me.

An article which manages to be both funny and chilling about some horrible manifestations of religion from around the world. Informative.

Some geeks found out that it would be pretty easy for the government to decide to switch of the internet to the whole country in a few minutes. I didn’t really need to be reminded how easy it would be for us to slide into dictatorship, but it’s always a good one anyway.

A blog post from a Western guy who has been in Tunisia for a couple of weeks.

Apparently Facebook makes us sad. This woman wrote about how it makes you feel alone to only broadcast cheery things and then wrote this article making fun of that idea. Now I’m not sure what she really thinks. I suppose like all of us she thinks different things at different times.

Bitch Magazine’s BitchMedia pissed some people off and then pissed off everybody else trying to un-piss-off the first lot. Here’s an entertaining rundown of what happened when they posted a list of feminist young adult books and then mucked with it.

Apparently the women labourers in the USA food market are pawns in a ‘deeply exploitative system’ and daily face the possibility that they will be raped or assaulted in other ways.

Diet and insomnia. Try to see past the wanky headline to get to the content.

This headline, on the other hand, says it all beautifully: Conservatives Freak Out Over MTV’s “Skins” — Teenagers Have Sex. Get Over It. There’s actually a more interesting, complex point made about the American remake of the UK series Skins in the second half of the piece.

Ever wondered how all those files get to Wikileaks? People send them. Private Bradley Manning is suspected of being one of those people. Here’s a day in his life by his defence lawyer. (Via New Matilda.) He hasn’t been tried yet. I’m not sure if he’s even been charged with anything. The Department of Defense responded to these claims saying that he is being treated like every other prisoner. Here‘s what his lawyer had to say to that.

Egypt exploded. As usual, this is the best place to stay up-to-date.

A lot of Queensland exploded too, in a different way. Stay up-to-date here.

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