Friday News Picks

Posted on 11 February 2011


Relocating is hard work so it’s a shortish one this week.

News Ltd’s new iPad newspaper The Daily effort fails to impress the reviewer at ReadWriteWeb, falling down predictably by just putting a normal newspaper in the shape of an iPad.

In related news, The Age has had a resdesign in an attempt to retain existing and attract new readers. I’m not sure if the old news companies are ever really going to get the digital media thing. Newspapers don’t have to die, but the people in charge of them are killing them.

USA could put pressure on Egypt’s dictator to concede to the demands of his people and end the violence.

The banalities of politics continue even in the context of natural disasters.

Wall Street got hacked.

Obama’s government decided to cut billions of dollars from energy assistance to poor people rather than increasing taxes for super rich people. Hopefully no one will freeze to death.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival is no longer ‘fringe’ – apparently it’s the biggest festival in Australia.

Australia has a Climate Commission headed up by Dr Tim Flannery. Here’s a rundown of how it’s going to work.

Crikey online news has been live blogging the Egypt protests with content sent to them by people who are there.

SBS has collected some tweets that illustrate the important role Twitter has played and is playing in the Egypt revolution. Other social media has too, especially You Tube.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Kevin Rudd apologising to Indigenous Australians for the Stolen Generations on behalf of his then-new government. His speech for the occasion is up on his website.

Interesting piece from a man trying to understand the complexity of pregnancy and childbirth and how it relates to his opinion on abortion.

Russians say an asteroid will hit Earth in 2036. Americans disagree.

The Winkelvoss twins who sued Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg for US$60 million or so are on the warpath to make him out to be a sociopath and themselves as victims.

Enjoy the weekend and look out for more Melbourne posts coming up soon. (The first one is here.)

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