Friday News Picks

Posted on 18 February 2011


Here are some of the things that happened this week.

The Business Council of Australia thought it would be a good idea to cut disabled services to pay for post-flood and cyclone reconstruction.

CBS’s foreign correspondent in Cairo was viciously assaulted. She left hospital and went home on Wednesday.

Targeted social media platforms for particular uses or groups of people keep popping up, like this one for finding people to club together with to charter private flights as a group to save money.

The Obama administration has started throwing out budget proposals for 2012 including a $4.5 billion increase in spending on education. The opposition has stuff to say about the proposals. Oh politics.

The news that climate change is going to make food more expensive globally has hit the mainstream press.

Moving beyond conservatism to embrace fascism, US author and columnist Ann Coulter thinks that more journalists should be put in jail. She said so in  a session at the Conservative Political Action Conference and got applauded. This is reminding me of something… oh yeah, the beginning of every story about how European fascism became popular.

I found this really cool animated presentation about America’s education system and how the presenter thinks it’s stifling innovation.

Filmmaker Howard Stern showed how celebrities can use Twitter by tweeting a live commentary of behind the scenes info of his 15 year old move Private Parts when he stumbled across a rerun on TV. It was so popular that it tended on Twitter.

Researchers from Arizona State University might have found a key to solving the mystery of cancer in astrobiology.

As popular uprisings against oppressive governments in the Arab world continue to multiply, people around the world express their support, including Hillary Clinton.

An amateur aviation enthusiast posted such great photos of Boeings on the company’s Facebook page that Boeing invited him to the launch of the new 747. He was pretty excited.

Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) debate continues with New Matilda saying the plan doesn’t deserve the trashing some have been giving it, compared with other government planned networks around the world.

The Materials Science International Team   has made an ebook, Selected Nuclear Materials and Engineering Systems, available on for $6,431.20 (reduced from $8,039) and got a hilarious review. All their other books seem to have similarly insane prices.

A guy in Brisbane has been pretending to be a cop, pulling people over and giving them warnings.

It’s Black History Week in the USA so here’s a blog post about the role of beauty pageants in the journey towards equality from slavery to where they are now.

Apparently Queenslanders are drinking less beer. Probably because it’s warm from the lack of electricity.

Japanese whalers and the Sea Shepherd are tussling again.

Kotex has another funny tampon ad that makes fun of other sanitary ads. It’s not as good as the original which is still one of my favourite things on You Tube.

A lovely story about how Twitter saved a kitten’s life.

Stage combat coach Nigel Poulton talks about working on La Boite’s production of Julius Caesar and the art and science of making fake violence look real. (This one was written by a guy I know which makes it extra cool.)

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