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Posted on 4 March 2011


McSweeney’s the independent publisher posted on its blog some amusing questions and reinterpretations of some notable films.

The reason A Current Affair and Today Tonight are successful. Also the reason why so many people are unconvinced about human activity causing climate change.

Journalism continues to evolve. This article is about Facebook’s role in ‘social journalism’.

The USA’s Commission on Wartime Contracting has reported that their government has wasted tens of billions of dollars on the Middle East wars.

Official Iraqi security forces arrested, blindfolded, beat, imprisoned and threatened to execute artists, lawyers, and journalists who took part in a demonstration.

The Taiwanese animated news does the Charlie Sheen story.

Some really insightful politician in the USA called Michelle Obama ‘fat’. Here’s an exploration of why men who are intimidated by women call them fat no matter what they look like.

The Libyan revolution continues. You Tube helps.

How the whole carbon tax thing might feed into the next federal election.

Maybe entrepreneurs aren’t the mould breakers they think they are.

A realllly long piece (but interesting if you’re into that sort of thing) about how French cuisine is fading away by a guy who wrote a book on the subject.

An art installation that visualises the invisible wifi networks that criss-cross the world.

The Huffington Post’s most oft-asked questions about wine answered.

Did you know Iraq has a beautiful touristy area? Check it out.

Oops of the week: Gmail accidentally reset 150,000 accounts, losing years of contact information and email records. I think they’ve got most of them back by now.

Red Cross wants to train 500 people to be disaster volunteers.

The Governor of Wisconsin, USA has put forward a budget bill. His constituents seem to hate it judging by their protest signs.

The Chinese Government is worried that the Middle Eastern uprisings might inspire its people to, like, think for themselves so it’s blocked ‘Tunisia’ and ‘Egypt’ from all internet searches.

Wikileaks is up for a Nobel Peace Prize. So is the internet. I wonder who would accept the internet’s award.

Another perspective on the carbon tax side show.

Very interesting piece of military history all about nuclear weapons in the USA.

There’s a new Twitter app that counts how many characters an account has tweeted in its lifetime. A guy used it to compare the output of some accounts to the collected works of people like Shakespeare and Orwell.

The same sex marriage campaign’s links to this year’s Mardi Gras.

If you think some bloggers, tweeters and facebookers record too much of the boring details of their lives, check out this guy.

Wisdom from author Emily Maguire via the Inappropriate Woman.

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