The one after the euphoric photo post

Posted on 15 March 2011


I put together my photo post about my first month in Melbourne knowing full well that it was a lop-sided view of what it’s been like.

It’s all true but it’s not the complete story. A big move, even between cities as similar as Melbourne and Brisbane, is a shock to the system. This is not news. It’s kind of not even interesting. Also, it’s really hard take photos of emotional turmoil.

In the world of Sarah, it’s not the truth unless it’s the whole truth. I’ve ended friendships for not much more reason than someone tried to protect me, or themselves from me, by leaving something out.

Along with everyone, I often don’t tell the whole truth via social media because it is public. It is more public than any other social situation so omitting sensitive, personal information is a sensible thing to do. A lot of fuss has been made about how people shine their lives up for their social media profiles, forgetting that we gloss up our lives constantly, especially in public situations where we don’t know everyone who is listening to our story.

So this is my whole truth as far as I can tell it here.

It’s been really hard. When I landed in Melbourne I landed in a mess of issues: personal, professional, financial. I’ve managed to resolve them all in the last few weeks. I feel like a bit of a rockstar about that, even though the personal stuff is the hardest and still slows me down for part of each day.

Those pictures of sunshine and friends and parties represent the good bits and they have really been very good. The only photo that hints at the rest of the time is the final one. There has been a lot of sitting and thinking. It has been time well spent. I have been leaning heavily on some wonderful friends during this time who I give thanks for every day and hope I haven’t worn them out.

No matter how hard it’s gotten, I’ve never been sorry I came. I doubt I’ll ever have cause to be.

That’s my story for today. Got one for me?