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Posted on 18 March 2011


Interesting, chatty article about the strengths, weaknesses and hopes for the future of new media compared to old media. Very refreshing to read a balanced view rather than “digital media is undermining real news!” or “old media should just die already!”

An argument from a Slate editor to do away with anonymous commenting online. What do you think? I can’t quite make up my mind.

The Obamas started an anti-bullying campaign. My friend Emma is working on an Australian one.

I posted a link a few weeks ago about US Army Private Bradley Manning who has been imprisoned for months on end under suspicion of leaking documents to Wikileaks. His government is pressuring him to say that Julian Assange conspired with him to do so. America gets creepier all the time.

Also in US Government–Wikileaks news, that government has been awarded (by its own high court) access to the Twitter accounts of three of Wikileaks’ strongest supporters. I can only guess how those people have been scrubbing their accounts clean in the lead up to this.

Earlier in the week, an Israeli family was murdered by a Palestinian man who broke into the settlement where they lived.

The festival I’m working for, the Emerging Writers’ Festival, is looking for people who want to support us by sponsoring a writer to attend. It only costs $75 and is tax deductible. Isn’t that cool? You know you want to. Also I said so.

Apparently PR people are better than advertising people at using social media. Not a surprise. PR is much more about negotiating communication channels than advertising, which is one-way communication.

Spotlight on the misogyny of our culture. Essential reading for all.

The maximum penalty for serious animal cruelty will be tripled in Queensland following a spate of attacks.

Prince William visited the disaster zone in New Zealand and attended a memorial service.

Japan exploded. This looks like a good source of updates.

Meanwhile, Americans freak out about radiation poisoning from Japan (seems to prove the statistic where they can’t read maps) and get sick from taking too much potassium iodide as a preventative. Slow clap anyone?

Funny and very interesting project talking to people on subways in New York City to find out the stories of passengers. Everyone has a story. Check some of them out on the videos.

So the US has strategic (emergency?) oil reserves. Obama says he’s prepared to tap into them while all the Middle East madness is going on so petrol prices don’t go up too much.

A video of a dog in Japan taking care of an injured canine friend has become an internet hit and is now helping to raise money for non-human earthquake/tsunami victims.

New research about depression in fathers as a counterpoint to post-partum depression. It showed that it was highest among fathers with infants three to six months old.

The USA government is no longer providing support to national public radio. What would life be like without ABC Radio?!

Another post about the Japanese disaster.

And something cute to finish off with: a Tumblr about animals riding animals.

Image credit: Chris Willis under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence

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