Friday News Picks

Posted on 25 March 2011


Voting happened in Egypt!

Fox News lied about things and people were surprised. Fox and CNN had a really insightful debate about the issue.

Yemen’s Minister for Human Rights resigned to protest the government’s attack on protesters that left people dead and seriously injured. Another top official resigned as well. Then the rest of the cabinet got fired.

Things continue to be crap in Libya. Here’s a first-hand account from some journalists who were captured there and held for four days.

More proof that Singaporeans know how to dissent, just that the rest of the world doesn’t know how to see it.

A human rights advocate in Bahrain was arrested, blindfolded and beaten by the police of his own country.

Palestinian civilians were killed by the Israeli military.

The story of elementary school and junior high school graduations held in Japan at an evacuation centre. They were supposed to be held last week.

The people of Christmas Island say that the government was warned that things were getting so bad in the detention centre there that riots were likely before they felt the need to tear gas detainees, guards and bystanders.

Victorian wine grapes this year might be ruined by smoke pollution.

In Tanzania, the government stores military ammunition next to people’s houses in densely populated areas. Some exploded a few weeks ago. I can’t believe I’m only finding out about this now.

Trends in telephone usage over the last few years include that we are about to start spending more on text messaging than on voice calls!

A handful of Alan Jones groupies took a bus to Canberra to protest with some really creative signs that probably damaged the political party they were trying to support.

The Syrian police swiped people from the streets. Apparently this is business as usual.

Robots pretending to be humans using Twitter is old news if you’re a geek but I imagine pretty shocking if you’re not.

A trapped, bent drill pipe caused the malfunction of BP’s “fail-safe” blowout preventer last April.

Elizabeth Taylor died of congestive heart failure. Lots of people made great tribute videos for her.

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