Friday News Picks

Posted on 1 April 2011


NSW Labor lost its election. People had things to say about it.

Some intelligent words from a former asylum detainee about rioting and the experience of detention in Australia.

Some more discussion on the social media boom and whether it’s a burstable bubble, now with stats and graphs.

Two people who work at the Swiss nuclear lobby were hurt when someone sent them a bomb in the mail.

A 12-year-old American boy is studying and teaching physics and has already expanded on Eistein’s Theory of Relativity. Now he’s working on a theory that explains the beginning of things better than the Big Bang.

NATO took over operation Libya. (Not sure who from.)

If you’re missing a uterus and need one, by next year you could have one transplanted.

Tony Abbott proposed cutting disability payments. A disabled woman responded.

The Taliban kidnapped people and blew up some others. They don’t like NATO there because they keep killing civilians by accident.

The Bronx Zoo closed its reptile house after it misplaced a deadly cobra. Totally funny unless someone dies.

If you’ve ever wondered what someone looks like with 2.747 toothpicks in their beard, now you don’t have to.

Obama talked about corruption on Africa’s Ivory Coast and why the US won’t send military forces there.

Sustainable yet gross: turning cows into plastic.

America’s Transportation Security Administration fired a woman because a co-worker said she had tried to cast a spell on them.

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