Friday news picks

Posted on 8 April 2011


Someone finally explains how the carbon tax won’t make your power bills bigger and could reduce households’ and businesses’ energy consumption.

Obama kicked off his election campaign for next year.

NASA is looking for Earth-like planets because they might support alien life. Also they might support Earth life once we’ve finished cocking up Original Earth.

The story of Passover told via social media. Remember the Christmas one from last year?

Massachusetts has appointed its first openly gay judge, Justice Barbara A. Lenk.

Eight million Australian workers aren’t as literate as the official standard says they should be.

An Israeli actor and peace activist who ran a drama project in a Palestinian refugee camp has been shot dead by masked men near the theatre he founded.

Coca Cola dropped Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney from its ad campaign because he’s been acting like a tool.

Alan Greenspan says the USA’s financial system is beyond helping.

British bees are getting too exhausted so now you can install a rest stop for them in your garden.

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has been arrested at Beijing Airport by his government and people all over China are very worried about him.

Richard Branson has a new crazyawesome project: Virgin Oceanic. It’s going to send people to the deepest points of the ocean to see what’s there.

Victorian state schools are being forced to include Christian instruction. Parents and schools are not happy.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) supports a Palestinian state.

Some interesting thoughts on gender balance in corporate land. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s clearly a clever, thoughtful person who is interested in a good discussion.

Brisbane writer Anna Krien wrote an excellent article that is in the current Monthly about sex, women and footballers. Here she is talking about it with sports writer Tony Wilson.

The Australian government is considering whether to sign onto an international cyber crime convention. This guy thinks it’s not a good solution and this guy is very concerned about privacy violations.

A friend proposed to his girlfriend via the acknowledgments page of his newly-published book, The Ottoman Motel. She said yes.

Young adult author Tina Toler-Keel’s impassioned and well-thought-out plea for the US to stop banning books for young people that deal with serious issues. Keeping people ignorant does not help them stay safe and happy!

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