Posted on 11 April 2011


My friend Gem is reviewing the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for Rhum and she’s been awesome enough to bring me along as her plus-one to a couple of shows.

While waiting for her out the front of Town Hall one evening I inspected the crowd. It was made up of ticket holders, performers giving out flyers to their shows, festival volunteers and staff, and Town Hall staff. A couple of things I noticed:

  • A lot of the patrons looked uncomfortable and uncertain.
  • The festival volunteers and people with flyers kept giving me knowing looks.
  • The coffee out the front of Town Hall smells amazing.
  • Festival volunteers are a cheery lot.

I was surprised that people looked uncomfortable because I felt totally at home just standing around. The knowing looks were odd too because, well, I have nothing to do with the festival and don’t know anyone who works or volunteers there.

I think maybe I’ve just been involved in too many events as an organiser, volunteer or reviewer that they all feel like home. I remember that feeling of out-of-placeness from when I was new to reviewing and was always nervous that my name wouldn’t be on the list or that the performer or whoever wouldn’t talk to me if I wanted to interview them.

Gem thinks it’s because I have indy arts glasses and wear black jeans.

Maybe it’s just because I look like Tina Fey.

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