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Posted on 15 April 2011


Japan’s Economic Minister says that the economic damage of the disaster will be worse than they first thought.

Iceland’s Penis Museum received its first human specimen. US politicians on both sides lied to win budget negotiations. They got called out by a fact checking organisation and Stephen Colbert. Then Obama stepped in and made them behave. A bit.

In more “what America calls conservatism is really mental illness” news, the birther movement (where people don’t believe Obama is American) has been (Donald) Trumped up.

Someone called all sorts of things UnAustralian. Other people had things to say about that.

A woman in New York City runs a very successful program of feminism education for high school boys and girls that shows them how “feminism can help them become better versions of themselves in a world that tells them only one version is acceptable.”

Cosmo published an article by Rachel Hills about sexual assault and the different forms it can take.

A new cool independent art gallery opened in Brisbane!

A grade 3 teacher decided that holding a mock slave auction where white kids played the slave masters and non-white kids played the slaves would be a good idea. Um…

A woman who had both legs amputated as a kid now has a prosthetic mermaid tail for swimming. This may be the coolest thing I’ve ever linked to. I really hope it’s not a hoax.

China increased taxes on dirt exports.

Some Christian gay people put together a great exploration of homosexuality and gay marriage in the Bible and Jewish texts.

The Australian Defence Force had a scandal. Here’s a wrap up of the good and stupid things that were said about it.

Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food arrived in Ipswich, Queensland. Expect Mayor Paul Pisasale to make numerous humourous appearances.

Brisbane’s remaining CityCat terminals should open soon.

Yarra City Council in Melbourne has decided it’s going to be carbon-neutral by 2020. The foundation it set up to make sure it happens has just announced its first project, the High-Rise Revolution, which will make living in high rise housing estates cheaper and less carbon-reliant.

Found a pretty and informative infographic on the business of bookselling in the USA and Canada. Interesting tidbit: things other than books are a third of book shops’ sales. Also, Americans buy more religious books than newspapers.

Image credit:  Chris Willis under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence
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