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Posted on 29 April 2011


Tornadoes killed over 200 people in southern USA yesterday.

Cool new touchscreen keyboard came out from Minebea in Japan.

Zach Braff, one of my favourite humans, got his serious face on.

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Gaddafi’s army were issued Viagra so that they could rape more. This may be one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard of.

Someone wrote about how they think America’s supreme court justices live according to their own rules.

The Malaysian Government reportedly attacked its own news media, which apparently is a habit.

An awesome history of the words “shit” and “shitfaced” at Slate. They had me at “words” and “history” in the same sentence.

The head of the Christian lobby said something homophobic and racist on Twitter that a sizable slab of Australians probably agree with. There was a rebuttal that the slab of Australians that I’m a part of agrees with. Which are you?

Greenpeace said Apple is the least environmentally friendly technology company.

Another European economy crapped out.

Obama was forced to prove he is a US citizen. Cripes. I especially enjoyed this bit: “…’we do not have time for this kind of silliness’ from ‘sideshows and carnival barkers'” and learning that almost 20% of Americans believe that Obama is secretly a foreign-born Muslim.

Jerry Seinfeld explained why he loves Donald Trump.

Today is your last day to vote in the Webby Awards.

William S. Burroughs’ novel The Soft Machine is on trial in Turkey for being immoral. Part of the case includes that it has a weird style.

The story of a nun named Schmuck.

US senators are working out how to get lots of money back from oil companies.

And I blogged elsewhere.

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