Friday News Picks

Posted on 6 May 2011


Obama showed the world how real leaders respond to outrageous attacks.

Then he got Osama.

Speaking of, there’s been some discussion about that. Including how the army captured him alive then shot him in front of his family.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival launched its 2011 program.

China might be about to send its first women astronauts into space.

The World Bank lent a billionaire US$26 million to build a hotel in West Africa.

Canada’s election body Elections Canada banned people from tweeting early polling results, threatening them with a $25,000 fine. Canadians gave them the virtual finger.

A teacher’s perspective on the sneaky presence of fire-and-brimstone Christian religious instruction in Victorian public schools.

Gold Coast police got violent and abusive towards a young woman because her skirt was too short. It’s cool; she was probably a slut who deserved it.

A Catholic Bishop in Toowoomba was sacked for discussing the possibility of women and married people becoming priests.

Boston celebrated the return of its favourite same-sex couple: a pair of female swans who have been nesting together for the last 10 years. Aw!

Julian Assange pointed out that Facebook is an intelligence gathering agency. No one cared.

Kate Holden wrote about feminism and sex work.

The main by-product of whiskey distillation is going to be used to generate electricity.

Someone wrote about the “new” phenomenon of social entrepreneurship. And then Photoshopped the hell out of images of three young white men to go with the article.

Libya’s unrest continued with the government considering extending the deadline they gave the rebels to surrender.

Meanwhile, the UN might charge Libya’s government with war crimes.

A court in London found that it was illegal for a policeman to beat a homeless man to death during the G20 riots in 2009.

One of my best friends participated in Live Below the Line, surviving for five days straight on a daily food budget of $2 — ie how billions of our fellow humans live. It’s a fundraising exercise. Go donate some funds.

Representatives of 13 different Palestinian factions signed a reconciliation agreement to stop fighting amongst themselves.

Fair Trade Fortnight starts this weekend. What would you say to the person who picks your tea?

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