Slightly off-balance this week

Posted on 9 May 2011


My usual sleeping pattern is pretty unusual. I work and play hard all week, getting about six hours of sleep a night. On Saturday and Sunday I sleep. I mean, seriously. I’ll be asleep by midnight most Fridays and will stay that way until about two o’clock on Saturday afternoon. Then there’s stocking up groceries and maybe dinner with some friends and then back to bed for another fourteen-hour stretch.

This weekend, however, I had a friend visiting so I didn’t get much sleep. Had an awesome time and I’d probably do it again, but holy crap I’m tired today. And I have a big deadline this afternoon. And I have a really busy day tomorrow. So I have no vegetables in the house and sleep has been pushed back to Wednesday.

Image credit: Sleeping Pidgeon by Axio under a Creative Commons Attribution licence
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