Friday news picks

Posted on 13 May 2011


Donald Rumsfeld said maybe Pakistan didn’t know bin Laden was there.

What it’s like in the refugee “queue”.

A new Victorian parliamentarian, Geoff Shaw, acknowledged God as the traditional owner of Australia in the opening of his maiden speech. If you believe in a god, does your conception include a being who is interested in owning things?

How social media is changing consumer behaviour and how a lot of businesses think that social media is a fad.

American and European rich and powerful people have been saying that their bad economies are the general public’s fault. Paul Krugman thinks otherwise.

The Chinese government refused one of its own authors permission to leave China to come to Australia to speak at the Sydney Writers Festival.

The Mexican navy and a drug gang had a shootout in which 12 members of the gang and one navy guy died.

There are way more male characters in children’s literature than female which means little girls grow up feeling invisible and unimportant in the world.

Is Australia experiencing a real estate bubble or not?

A man in Japan took a temp job as a truck driver and ended up being sent to the leaky nuclear plant.

Oh Facebook. Why did you have to start slandering Google? You barely have any market crossover. Sort of. Seems like it might have been an attempt to get the media talking about how all internet apps use information about people.

The great New York Public Library turned 100.

The cutest video ever. And, let’s be honest: the internet runs on cute videos.

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