Friday News Picks

Posted on 20 May 2011


Poorer Australians think they’re better off than they are and the well-off think they’re hard done by according to a new survey.

China tried to suppress a UN report that said North Korea violated weapons trade sanctions against Iran.

A new children’s book for adults, Go the Fuck to Sleep, got pirated a lot which then helped it make money.

Big Bird sang at the 21st anniversary memorial for Jim Henson.

Refugees aged 13 to 25 in Wagga Wagga have had mostly positive experiences, but feel dislocated from their old lives and cultures.

Environmental groups sued Hillary Clinton over a proposed pipeline from Canada to southern USA.

Despite election promises, there are still children in detention in Australia.

China says it has cut AIDS infection by two-thirds.

Ever wondered how  filtered your internet experience is?

Apparently the raid on Bin Laden’s house was humiliating for Pakistan.

The amazing story of how Roseanne Barr made her sitcom her own. Not sure I could do this sort of thing and I hope I never have to. Also includes a lot of thoughtfulness on fame.

The Romantic Book of the Year finalists were announced.

The next generation of smartphones are going to have folding screens and stuff.

The boss of the IMF resigned after being accused of attacking a cleaning lady.

What it was like to be gay in the 1960s in Australia.

An interesting explanation of the fight or flight response in humans and how/why you can manage it.

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