Friday news picks

Posted on 10 June 2011


It’s been a lazy week here at Opinionate. After 11 days of doing little else but talking about writing, I’ve been more or less incapable of stringing together a sentence worthy of posting. But the Friday news is never neglected, so here we go!

Scientists in Singapore have been slipping fluorescent stuff into silkworm food so they get glowing silk.

A third of Alabama’s workforce has been put on unpaid leave. They say the lost income tax revenue will be detrimental to the state’s economy.

Climate scientists are so used to receiving threats of violence and murder that they consider it a part of their job.

A New York Councillor wants to make owning a fake Prada handbag a criminal offence. However, there’s evidence that knock-offs actually help sales of the real thing.

Melbourne’s only all-indigenous school was going to be demolished but some people protested against it. Now it’s stalled.

China is all freaked out by the success of the Arab uprisings this year. This guy had some advice for the government about how to cope with the possibility that people might exercise their free will.

A children’s hospital charity in America used social media to raise US$100 million.

The founder of Cirque du Soleil became the first clown in space and took some great pictures.

You can’t say “Facebook” or “Twitter” on French TV anymore except in news stories specifically about them.

The US media industry seems to be distracting itself from its state of flux by sending cease and desist letters everywhere.

New non-profit Global Voices sent six young Australians to Paris to take part in the Youth G20 Summit.

A young Melbourne girl has gone missing.

An ode to swearing.

The Guardian discussed whether art is good for you and if you can OD.

Citibank in the US was hacked and thousands of people’s details were stolen.

It was the thirtieth anniversary of the discovery of AIDS and the UN said we should get rid of it by 2020.

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