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Posted on 17 June 2011


A gay judge in California successfully overruled the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, setting a precedent that gay judges can rule on gay issues.

Apparently all the conversation on the internet is making us dumber. Usually I hate these kinds of hypotheses, but this one could make sense. Although I don’t really see how humans as a group could get dumber.

Bridesmaids is no ordinary chick flick, getting rave reviews by indie snobs.

A new web game by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children teaches kids how to protect themselves online.

America started to notice that the rest of us don’t think it’s the promised land anymore.

The Vancouver Cannucks hockey team lost a home game and some drunken fools rioted.

Some pictures of Japan’s reconstruction.

The usual Fairfax-Murdoch feuding flamed up in typical petty fashion.

A witness for WikiLeaks refused to answer questions in court which is allowed under the Fifth Amendment you always hear about in mafia movies.

The NYPD pulled a woman over for being too sexy.

A woman got fired for tweeting something pretty mild about her workplace’s practices. There’s been a huge uproar so she’ll probably get reinstated.

The BBC is developing a smart phone app that will enable their reporters to file stories including video via their phones.

PR people for the new Duke Nukem game tweeted that they aren’t going to invite reviewers who trashed the game to any more parties.

ABC Open is hosting a new blog by a local from Tully, North Queensland named June who will be posting all about the region’s recovery from Cyclone Yasi. The first post is called Tupperware Houses. I’m intrigued.

Google is investing in solar power.

Sprouts could cause cancer.

A report says that one in six women studying at Australian Universities has been raped.

The UN is trying to convince everyone to be vegan. Meanwhile, scientists in the Netherlands are making some headway into growing meat in labs.

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