Friday news picks

Posted on 24 June 2011





A region of Canada is launching a five-year program to teach girls online safety.

Self-published author John Locke became the first of his kind to sell a million Kindle ebooks.

Three Australian senators finished their terms and gave speeches.

Musician Moby released a book of photography.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy said that the war on drugs was a failure and governments should legalise marijuana.

How the internet controls what you see online.

California Watch, the body in charge of earthquake safety awareness in California, started using colouring in books to communicate their messages to kids. In four languages no less.

Unreleased Nirvana songs are being released now in honour of the album Nevermind‘s twentieth anniversary.

The Afghan Government put expelled ministers back in.

The Winkelvii dropped their case against Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

A guy made sculptures out of balloons.

The US wants oil reserves released.

JK Rowling made announcements about the next step in the world of Harry Potter.

Workers in Greece are striking to protest austerity measures.

Two people died in a plane crash in Florida, USA.

Being overly concerned with making your kids happy can make them unhappy as adults.

The ash cloud continued to play havoc with flight schedules in Australia and New Zealand.

The first stills from The Hobbit movie was released!


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