Stupid things

Posted on 28 June 2011


Here are some things I have encountered recently that have struck me as particularly stupid.

1. A social button on a news article

Doesn’t really have the same ring as “Like”.

2. “I don’t like to drink soy milk. It lasts so much longer than normal milk. Doesn’t seem natural.”

Just because they’re both whitish liquid doesn’t mean they have anything to do with each other. They are completely different substances. Saying soy milk is unnatural because it isn’t as perishable as dairy milk is like saying an apple is unnatural because it stays fresh in a fruit bowl for longer than a steak does.

3. Weekend newspaper “fashion” article

Because we should all dress up as dust.

4. My naturopath

He told me not to eat cheese.

Image credits: 
Cheese platter by Ethan Sherbondy under a Creative Commons Attribution licence
Soy Beans by Tabitha Kaylee Hawk under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

Jersey Cow by Dave Hamster under a Creative Commons Attribution licence
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