Friday news picks

Posted on 1 July 2011


Boston gangster Whitey Bulger was captured by the FBI after they had been looking for him for 16 years.

Nigeria’s World Cup women’s soccer team threw all suspected lesbians off the team.

Now you can get your Digg content as an online newspaper.

The Pope sent his first tweet.

Papua New Guinea’s dominant politician retired.

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service started a social media campaign about avoiding food poisoning.

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol’s memoir was published, including the story of her first experience of sex and how she reacted.

The BBC screened a documentary about the end of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Some facts and stats on international adoption in Australia.

SBS screened a popular and provocative series on asylum seekers, Go Back to Where You Came From. They also created an interactive game about it.

Twitter announced a new service for news rooms.

“What Australians think” by the BBC.

There are a lot of top companies with no women on their boards. (News?)

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for former Libyan president Gaddafi.

Israel asked Apple to remove a Palestinian app from the iPhone App Store. It did.

The Australian Government is giving $3 million to workers affected by the ban on exporting animals intended for abbatoirs live.

One of Australia’s first Muslims on reality TV tells a nice story of his experience.

A study says that sitting for more than six hours a day raises your risk of death. Sounds kind of vague.

There were bad floods in North Dakota, USA.

There is a newsroom where the news is often beside the point.

Neil Patrick Harris (AKA Doogie Howser and Barney from How I Met Your Mother) got engaged to his boyfriend and co-parent when their home state of New York made it legal.

Image credit: Chris Willis under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence
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