Friday news picks

Posted on 8 July 2011


The Torres Strait’s largest ever art exhibition opened.

Live cattle export is due to start again.

Another exhibition opened in Tasmania, this time about knitting and biology. Knitted biology? Not sure.

Family trees get more complicated but somehow people are able to cope.

Airline Virgin Australia is going to make fuel from eucalyptus.

One of News Ltd’s papers got sprung hacking into the voicemail of a teenage murder victim. Barely any of its Australian daily newspapers mentioned it.

Malaysia showed what it thinks of democracy.

The latest research says that wrinkley fingers in the bath aren’t because of water soaking in.

Cuba showed what it thinks of democracy.

China’s former leader might have died.

Google said that Facebook is doing its best not to let you export your friends. Have to look into this more.

American pilots are using iPads instead of reams of paper manuals. Wait a minute; they’re allowed to have mobile devices on? I thought that interefered with the navigation system?!

A double bomb attack in Iraq killed 35 Iraqis.

The US health sector is using web apps for patient care. Well, if the US health system is doing it, it must be good. Oh wait, no; the opposite.

Being a judge in the US is really badly paid.

Some index said Australia isn’t innovative.

Half of Christchurch would leave if they could afford it.

You can calculate the impact carbon pricing would have on your life here.

The Hendra virus struck again in Queensland.

People get thrown out of their homes for being writers.

Some people studied the parallels between Star Wars and world history. George Lucas helped.

Belarus’s government blocked Facebook and Twitter on its recent national holiday.

The Australian Reserve Bank didn’t raise rates.

People in Sudan hide underground from bombs.

Hiphop and web video are saving minority languages.

Atheist posterboy Richard Dawkins said stupid, sexist things.

Image credit: Pick and mix by Julian Burgess under a Creative Commons Attribution licence
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