Friday news picks

Posted on 22 July 2011


The Daily Telegraph claimed it reports on all governments equally. Crikey did some research on how it framed the GST in 2000 and how it is framing the carbon tax now and begged to differ. Discuss.

The USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission had some internal disagreements.

It was National Hoodie Day yesterday.

Waterfalls flowed upwards.

Derryn Hinch got grounded.

The whistleblower for the News of the World phone hacking scandal was found dead.

Two brands of instant coffee in New Zealand claimed to be sex aids. They were also found to have ingredients similar to Viagra and could be dangerous.

My annual creative sabbatical, This Is Not Art, almost died and then got some life support at the last minute.

In the suburbs of Toronto there is a pair of curvy, twisty apartment buildings.

There was shocking news that people had identity crises before social media.

I was quoted in Brisbane’s mX talking about social media.

There was a helicopter crash near Sydney and one person died.

The New Art Awards 2011 opened for submissions.

There was a hunger strike at a detention centre in Queensland.

An economist and a manga artist got together to explain the challenges facing Japan.

My friend left to ride her bicycle across the Nullarbor. (Yes, that is news. Shut up.)

And this Facebook page started. If you like my news posts, you’ll probably fall madly in love with it.

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