Friday news picks

Posted on 29 July 2011


People wondered whether the internet will eventually make censorship impossible.

The loudest Muslim voices are not always the representative ones.

News Limited had some issues.

Hugh Grant secretly recorded his conversation with one of the whistleblowers of the News Limited scandal.

A child sex offender’s sentence was shortened because he has been attacked by his victim’s family.

A young man with cerebral palsy talks about his experience of being educated in a special school. He’s pretty pissed off.

The USA had some money trouble. The rest of us talked about it.

Amy Winehouse died.

Some pictures of people who were part of the Egyptian revolution.

People are using libraries more because of the economic downturn.

Playing with string to teach maths and logic.

China orders all establishment providing public wireless internet to install spyware so that the government knows who is accessing what where and when.

What if you write a memoir you don’t want your kids to read?

Creators of the zeppelin are now into sustainable energy.

Hong Kong has more real estate agents now than ever before.

Malaysia agreed to let Australia use it as an asylum seeker dumping ground.

Is the renewable energy sector in Australia being impeded by politics?

Haiti warned people traffickers to stop bringing Filipinos to Port-au-Prince because there are no jobs.

The Catholic Church in Australia apologised for forcing women to give their babies up for adoption.

The Global Poverty Project launched a campaign to eradicate polio.

Tom Keneally donated his personal library to the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts.

Queensland Police warned us not to invest in off-shore investment opportunities.

The Winkelvoss twins’ case against Facebook was finally dismissed.

The history of soccer in Australia.

The eight-year-old son of a policeman was hanged by militants in Southern Afghanistan.

One of the members of the UK parliamentary committee grilling the Murdochs is an accomplished author.

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