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Friday news picks

August 26, 2011


A US public transport agency blocked mobile phone reception to try to avoid people protesting about something. Ah, the land of the free. A new project bringing some order to the chaos of information online. Why self-help books are our version of snake oil — all about why pop neuroscience is bollocks. A deodorant brand is having excellent Facebook success with […]

Friday news picks

August 19, 2011


Lawyer, former US Senator and current Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said that gay marriage and abortion caused the financial crisis. Ridley Scott is going to make a sequel to Blade Runner. America might stop deporting illegal migrants who came to the country as kids, finished high school and/or served in the armed forces. How noble. […]

Pretty baby Florence

August 17, 2011


Alphonsine and Pierre’s thirteenth and last child was my great-grandmother Florence. Her twelve siblings had dark hair and eyes and strong features from their father. They were tall and strong-looking. Florence had dark hair but was built delicately, had a finer complexion and pale grey eyes. There were rumours about this last baby. The most […]

I don’t believe in writer’s block

August 15, 2011


Actually, I believe it’s real, I just don’t believe it’s a good enough excuse for not doing something. I think a lot of the time what people call writer’s block is not knowing how to be disciplined. There are people who insist they can only write under certain circumstances, with a certain lamp, on certain […]

Friday news picks

August 12, 2011


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who was imprisoned earlier this year by his government talked about torture that goes on in a Chinese jail. The random odd jobs held by some famous writers. It seems all the economic panic over how reliant the West is on Chinese products is a bit overblown: “Goods and services from China […]

Here are some links to alternative London riots news coverage if you’re interested

August 10, 2011


As the rioting in London continues and the non-rioting public gets fed up, unofficial clean-up has already started even though more violence is expected tonight. There are a lot of dismissive opinions flying around about “scum” and “hoodlums” which I’m not finding very helpful in understanding what’s going on and what makes people want to […]

The Ottoman Motel: excellent travel reading

August 9, 2011


Over the weekend, somewhere on my Singapore-Helsinki-Heathrow stretch, I finished Chris Currie’s first novel The Ottoman Motel. I started it a couple of months ago just after its Melbourne launch but stopped when I got busy and the only time I had free to read was right before bed and I couldn’t because it was […]