Friday news picks

Posted on 5 August 2011


The US tried to cope with some economic issues.

The story of a young Afghan journalist who was killed in the war in his country last week.

The Australian Census is on next week and whoever is running the official Twitter account is awesome.

Newspapers are brainwashing the public about social media.

Macarthur Coal rejected a takeover bid so the would-be buyers are going straight to shareholders instead.

Famous scientists talk about the idea of God.

A billboard in New York City moves in response to tweets.

Physicists in Hong Kong say that they have proven time travel is impossible.

Normalising war in the classroom.

Apparently Netanyahu is going to start negotiating a peace accord.

Theatre awards, the Helpmanns, were held at the Sydney Opera House.

Rich people in China drive four-wheel-drive Porches.

What social media tells us about communication and personal relationships.

HSBC Australia’s profits fell.

An open letter from a survivor of the shootings in Norway to the attacker.

The New Yorker published a beautiful piece on Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray.

The most successful Indigenous novellist talks about writing.

A museum has opened in honour of Arnold Schwartzenegger in his home town in Austria.

A Federal employee is trying to sue her employer for an injury she sustained in a motel room while on a work trip. The case is murky because she was having sex at the time. The argument seems to be over whether you need to have sex or not.

Research shows that the more women there are in a group the higher the group’s collective intelligence is.

A car bomb killed an Afghan intelligence official in the city of Kunduz.

Cyber security is in an interesting place at the moment.

The Norwegian mass murderer took some of his crazy inspiration from a writer. That writer then read the crazy manifesto and wrote this article about it.

The Afghan war through Hipstamatic photos.

Why so many people go hungry when the world produces enough food for everyone.

Some different ways different people use social media.

People are selecting the sex of their babies more often and doctors have no ethical guidelines to help them make decisions.

What if the countries with the most people had the most space?

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