Here are some links to alternative London riots news coverage if you’re interested

Posted on 10 August 2011


As the rioting in London continues and the non-rioting public gets fed up, unofficial clean-up has already started even though more violence is expected tonight. There are a lot of dismissive opinions flying around about “scum” and “hoodlums” which I’m not finding very helpful in understanding what’s going on and what makes people want to act like the rioters have been this week. I’ve collected some links to bits and pieces of reporting around the net that I’ve found a bit more helpful and thought I’d share them.

Some thoughts from a friend in London who is in the middle of two of the areas of rioting including “I know enough to know that the violence and theft hasn’t come from nowhere… Which is not to say that any of this makes it okay to set fire to buildings, to loot, to mug and to create a general environment of fear.”

The economics editor of Sky News talks about how “…a range of economic indicators often associated with social unrest have been on the rise for some time.”

A graphic showing the movement of middle-classness across the world.

A spontaneous squadron of clean-up volunteers armed with brooms earlier today.

The role of instant messaging in spreading the rioting by, a site that covers news and analysis on the economics of digital stuff.

A picture by photographer Amy Weston of a woman jumping from a burning apartment block.

A photo of a BBC Manchester van tipped over.

Comment from Father Bob who I don’t normally like but sometimes has flashes of articulateness.

Comment from someone in Egypt about the information they were getting.

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