Friday news picks

Posted on 12 August 2011


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who was imprisoned earlier this year by his government talked about torture that goes on in a Chinese jail.

The random odd jobs held by some famous writers.

It seems all the economic panic over how reliant the West is on Chinese products is a bit overblown: “Goods and services from China accounted for only 2.7% of U.S. personal consumption expenditures in 2010.”

A boat capsized in the Indian Ocean nation of Comoros killing 54 people.

A guy said that the best way to deal with UK rioting is to give up on silly notions like human rights and equality.

Another guy wrote about the riots with a little more insight and a little less myopia.

How Google changed the world.

Roadkill in Minnesota is potentially a mythical goat stealing creature from Latin America called a Chupacabra.

Fox News featured an atheist and as a result had 8,000 death threats from “Christians” posted on its Facebook page.

A lucid and entertaining discussion of religion in Australian state schools.

Live music contributes more to Victoria’s economy than AFL does. I wonder how much of that is the Big Day Out. Still pretty impressive.

A guy was in court this week after drunk driving a motorised esky.

Fred Nile says that Penny Wong should keep her impending parenthood a secret because it’s immoral.

Christine Nixon, risotto, Black Saturday, sexism and other forms of police corruption.

The New York Times started a new blog series helping Americans to figure out how long than can afford to live.

ACT Labor endorsed gay marriage just like most other Australian states and territories.

A man named Chris died from DVT and his excessive Xboxing is being considered a factor.

Why paying writers who contribute to anthologies with royalties only is exploitative.

The inquiry into the Queensland floods is out.

Why news bloggers are an important complement to mainstream media.

The causes of the ice cream headache.

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