Friday news picks

Posted on 19 August 2011


Lawyer, former US Senator and current Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said that gay marriage and abortion caused the financial crisis.

Ridley Scott is going to make a sequel to Blade Runner.

America might stop deporting illegal migrants who came to the country as kids, finished high school and/or served in the armed forces. How noble.

Economic news from Wall Street continued to be bad.

Animals are changing habitats in response to climate change.

The ABC lost three of its news people in a plane crash.

Coal seam gas mining in Queensland was discussed.

Moderate alcohol consumption decreases risk of dementia.

The emissions cost of coal seam gas.

A class action has been filed against Apple and some publishers for colluding to raise the price of certain ebooks.

The media is to blame for feeding the UK rioters’ mob mentality.

A study shows how people are using QR codes.

How the brain remembers things like 9/11.

“Retweet” and “sexting” are in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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