Friday news picks

Posted on 26 August 2011


A US public transport agency blocked mobile phone reception to try to avoid people protesting about something. Ah, the land of the free.

A new project bringing some order to the chaos of information online.

Why self-help books are our version of snake oil — all about why pop neuroscience is bollocks.

A deodorant brand is having excellent Facebook success with an anti-bullying campaign called “Mean Stinks”.

If Shakespeare’s plays were pop songs.

This guy says he’s defending Kim Kardashian, but is really just pointing out that a lot of people are lazy because they’re making jokes about her that don’t make sense.

Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and parts of the Bahamas were under threat from a tropical storm.

The Irish athletic body is going to trial new goal-line technology.

A public servant got told not to tweet about public health issues if he wanted to keep his job.

The first Cuban marriage between a man and a transwoman took place.

“…until Australia can overcome its ‘collective paranoia‘ about boat arrivals, it will be difficult to achieve sensible decision-making.”

Some people are mapping the network of rivers that London is built over.

Libya continued to be fairly insane, even with NATO in on the act.

As part of taking back their city, someone in Libya’s capital renamed Green Square on Google Maps, the place where the protests began back to it’s pre-Gaddafi name: Martyr’s Square. Geolocational protest!

Why rescuing minority languages is about more than nostalgia or cultural identity.

Alan Jones had a mental moment.

Germany’s central bank criticsed the euro-zone debt rescue plan.

A historic café in Buenos Aires is being turned into a Nike shop.

This is about the latest possible violation of the US Constitution but mostly what I took away from it was “Cool, we have autopens!”

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