Friday news picks

Posted on 2 September 2011


The ebook revolution is about to hit the Spanish-language publishing market.

Melbourne was named the world’s most livable city. People asked why.

When the first Chinese people arrived in Australia during the gold rush, they learned how to place AFL to fit in better.

Bob Katter has a half-brother who is gay and pretty unimpressed with his sibling’s stance on gay marriage.

The trusty 60-watt light bulb is to be retired.

Someone made animated GIFs of memorable moments from Stanley Kubrick’s films. They are amazing and creepy.

A newspaper is having some success merging social media with socialising offline.

An evolutionary biologist applied his expertise to rejeuvenating his struggling town.

A folk music collector part owns one of Jay-Z’s tracks.

August was the first month since the start of the latest was in Iraq that the American military hasn’t lost a life.

Why being in Silicon Valley is important for tech workers.

Why pronouns are awesome.

Japan has lots of government debt.

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