Friday news picks

Posted on 9 September 2011


A man was arrested in Indiana, USA for walking down a highway with a samurai sword.

Britain’s Poet Laureate says that texting is a form of poetry and its popularity is probably creating exciting poets of the future.

Once they have the basics down, previously socially isolated older people find comfort and connection in online interaction.

Australia’s big banks criticised their regulator.

Dymocks launched a new web-based publishing service.

NASA is going to use two moon probes to measure gravity.

A columnist in The Australian made stuff up.

Scientists said other News Ltd papers habitually make stuff up.

After the huge earthquake a couple of weeks ago, one of Virginia’s nuclear power plants was checked and confirmed as safe.

A ginormous crocodile was caught in the Philippines.

Palestine is making a bid for statehood to the UN and these countries support it.

A police bullet might have killed an innocent bystander in a shootout on a street in New York City.

Some archaelogists might have found a missing link in human evolution.

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